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Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Office 365 Groups – which one, when?

Posted on 07/06/2017

Having trouble picking your company’s social collaboration tool? In this article, we look at the different options from Microsoft, including a fantastic infographic to help you choose between Yammer and Teams….


Who are you? Better identity management

Posted on 06/29/2017

Who are you? It seems like a simple enough question, until you start to break it down. Are you the same person at work as you are at home? How do…


Make meetings matter: Skype for Business

Posted on 06/12/2017

For many, meetings are the bane of their working lives. They can take productive time out of the day, be difficult to schedule at a time that suits everyone, consume…


The WannaCry ransomware attack

Posted on 05/15/2017

What is WannaCry? How does Ransomware work? The video below, and its accompanying article on The Telegraph website, give an excellent explanation of the recent attack as well as an overview…


The Power of Digital Identity in Education

Posted on 01/03/2017

Technology and education have always gone hand in hand. But for a long time, advanced enterprise technology has been out of reach of a many educational institutions because of the…


Sunday Business Post – Unifying IT in the Cloud

Posted on 11/28/2016

Unity Technology Solutions has found that business adopting the cloud often have similar needs, but each case is different from the next: common services are often best placed in the…


Sunday Business Post – Poor Security Systems are a Legacy of the Past

Posted on 11/28/2016

Business today, whether small or large, must live and learn to thrive in a world of ever increasing cyber risk.  Risk  is rising for many reasons, including an increasing attack…


Unity launch CSR initiative 2016!

Posted on 10/06/2016

Being a good corporate citizen and giving back to our community is important for Unity Technology Solutions. This year our CSR initiative takes the form of a 5km Santa Dash…


Sunday Business Post – Sherry FitzGerald gets connected!

Posted on 08/17/2015

Since its foundation in August 1982, the Sherry FitzGerald Group has grown from a small fledgling company into a nationwide, diversified business operating in 97 different locations. In late 2014,…


Securely manage Identity, Devices and Information with Enterprise Mobility Suite

Posted on 07/20/2015

Today, both business and end users demand productivity across a variety of device types, with immediate and secure access to the applications and information they need. The challenge is unifying…


Commitment to cloud and mobility wins Unity Technology Solutions Microsoft Ireland Enterprise Mobility & Devices Partner of the Year 2015.

Posted on 07/16/2015

Unity Technology Solutions announced today that it has won Microsoft Ireland Enterprise Mobility & Devices Partner of the Year Award 2015 at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando, Florida.  The…


The Irish Times – Microsoft ending support for Server 2003

Posted on 07/02/2015

Thousands of small firms in Ireland could potentially be putting their business at risk as Microsoft ends its support for Server 2003. The company has set July 14th as the…