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“They can send rockets to the moon but I still have to
spend two hours manually updating this Excel sheet.”

Frustrated office worker

We have all thought it at one point! Whether you have just spent the morning moving files from one folder to another, or you are in the midst of creating events across two different kinds of calendars, sometimes it can feel as though the wonders of modern technology do not extend as far as our day-to-day lives at all!

However, this does not have to be the case. Microsoft Flow gives you the ability to automate the mundane tasks that every office worker struggles with, so that you can instead focus your energy on more important goals. We’ve picked out 8 of our favourite Microsoft Flow templates to start you off:

1)    The save-the-date template: calendar to Google calendar

Is everyone at work using Outlook but at home you turn to the same Google calendar you’ve been using for the last 8 years? Or perhaps the company has started working with an outside agency who use a different calendar host? There are many reasons why you might find yourself flitting between two different calendars, but what is most important is that everyone is kept in the loop nonetheless. This Flow template automatically copies events made in your Outlook calendar to your Google calendar so you don’t have to.

2)    The marketer’s-best-friend template: post on Microsoft Teams when a new tweet matches the hashtag

People think marketing is all about writing blogs and sending out social media updates, but that is only the half of it. Most of your time is spent trying to keep on top of the latest trends. You could spend your whole day with one eye glued to your Twitter feed or you could use this nifty template to keep a watch out for you. Never miss a hashtag on Twitter again.

3)    The keep-the-boss-happy template: get a push notification when you receive an email from your boss

With devices coming out of your ears and a million and one things to be done, it can be easy to miss out on something small but very important – such as an email from your boss! Ensure that the most vital information always stays at the top by setting up a notification to appear on your most trusted mobile device. From now on, anytime the boss sends an email a message will pop up on your mobile screen to let you know.

4)    The life-saver template: copy new Salesforce Contacts to the Common Data Service

Never have to manually copy contacts from Salesforce to your Microsoft Common Data Service again! This template gathers your contact list off Salesforce and automatically copies them into the Common Data Service. It is that easy.

5)    The keep-the-ball-rolling template: start approval when a new item is added

Do you use SharePoint? Keep up to date with new items added to SharePoint lists with this template and decide whether to approve them or not. Significant delays can occur within processes that require greenlight procedures, because of time spent waiting to find out if it can go ahead. Keep the ball rolling with this template by simplifying the approval process.

6)    The I-use-Slack-more-than-my-email template: get Office 365 email notifications forwarded to a Slack channel

Systems combining online messaging characteristics with team collaboration capabilities are a popular choice at the minute, as the existence of Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Slack prove. If you find yourself spending more time on Slack but don’t want to miss any important emails, now you can get your Office 365 email notifications forwarded straight into a chosen Slack channel.

7)    The who-is-employee-of-the-month template: notify the team when a new response is submitted

Microsoft Forms is a great way to get the team scratching their heads or to give some honest feedback via a quiz, poll or survey. Results are available in real time but that doesn’t matter if no one is looking at them! Give your team a nudge by setting up this handy template that notifies the team every time there is a new response to a form.

8)    The I-love-templates template: get a push notification with updates from the Flow blog

Are you a fan of Microsoft Flow? There are hundreds of Flow templates to choose from with more being created every day. You can create your own Flow template to automate a specific task of your choice, or you can use this template to keep up to date with the innovative templates other members of the Flow community have created.

Want to learn more about Microsoft Flow? Check out our blog What is MS Flow to read all about building time-saving solutions, or you can get in contact with us today and we can answer your questions directly.