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Microsoft Teams offers one place to connect, collaborate and create. Available in Microsoft Office 365, this communication tool gives a natural rhythm to remote teamwork, so ideas can flow freely and organically in real-time. Teams is no extra cost for Office 365 users, making it a no-brainer for many enterprises.

A hub for teamwork

The purpose of Teams is to bring your teams closer together, no matter where they are working from. Every aspect of the Teams offering is designed with instant, frictionless communication as the primary functionality.

Whether it is via chat, notes, real-time document editing or video conferencing, Teams supports a constant thread of communication between you and your team. Create and/or join multiple workgroups (teams!) and easily flit between them across a single interface. Within each team, you can create channels to organise your team’s projects.

All the benefits of Office 365 are integrated with Teams, so your team can continue working on that PowerPoint presentation or Excel sheet, but with the increased productivity and acceleration of project tasks that come with the benefits of fluid communication, file sharing and file editing capabilities offered by Microsoft Teams.

Chats, calls and video conferencing

Teams offers a chat functionality which users would be familiar with from popular messenger apps. With emojis, tagging, private conversations and group chat options, users can interact intuitively with each other without very little instruction. With Skype for Business integration made easy in the Office 365 suite, Teams supports call and video conferencing. Easily share files while in the middle of a call, or review a call from yesterday with transcripts of recorded content.

File sharing and editing

All your Office 365 applications are automatically integrated with Teams, making it a perfect digital juncture for a team working together on a project. Effortlessly access SharePoint, OneNote, Power BI, and Planner while in Teams. Edit and share documents and calendars in real time with your team members without the need to leave your desk. This smart productivity tool uses Microsoft Graph to collate data across all your Microsoft Office 365 applications, so users can locate rich content on other users and files when they need to.

Productive meetings

Teams supports you every step of the way when it comes to team meetings. Efficiently plan a meeting with a quick group chat and pin down a date by sharing a calendar. Prepare for the meeting by creating a separate group chat only including the appropriate team members. From there your team can share and edit files with ease.

On the day of the meeting, ensure all your team member can attend the meeting no matter where they are working from, with a video conference call. Record a transcript of what has been said, so you can review it at a later date. With fluid communication amongst all team members, truly productive collaboration and increased mobility made possible by Teams, you can make every meeting matter.


Microsoft products for business such as Teams are supported by enterprise-class security. For Teams, this includes data encryption whether it is at-rest or in-transit, multifactor authentication for all users to ensure the right people have access to the appropriate data for their role in the organization and single sign-on through Active Directory.


Benefits of Microsoft Teams

The benefits Teams will bring to your organisation will be realised by you and your team again and again once you begin using this innovative communication tool. Here are a few of the key benefits users experience when using Teams:

  • It provides you with a dedicated place for online team collaboration – everyone is kept in the loop!
  • Avail of automatic updates with Microsoft’s evergreen Office suite.
  • Increase productivity and decrease the time taken to complete projects with this fluid communication tool.
  • Secure data sharing with enterprise-class security.
  • Take advantage of real-time, instant communication.
  • Integrate call and video conferencing.
  • Experience a seamless working experience with all the Office 365 applications at your fingertips.
  • Enjoy true online collaboration made possible with real-time file sharing and file editing capabilities for your whole team.
  • Customize Teams for third-party integration.
  • Profit from significantly increased mobility for your team, which is becoming increasingly necessary to keep pace with fast-moving modern business.
  • There is no extra cost for Office 365 users!

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