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For many, meetings are the bane of their working lives. They can take productive time out of the day, be difficult to schedule at a time that suits everyone, consume unnecessary business costs and leave attendees feeling frustrated. However, when done right, meetings can be crucial for decision making, problem-solving, reporting, planning and brainstorming.

Effective, efficient meetings

So, how can we ensure that every meeting you organise has meaning, makes a positive difference, and adds value to your business?

Online meetings with Skype for Business (formerly known as Microsoft Lync) allow you connect with the people you need to reach to get your job done. With instant messaging (IM), audio, video, and web conferencing, you can collaborate and communicate your way with colleagues and clients – including Skype contacts – in real time, on the devices you want, from the location you want.

The benefits of Skype for Business

Skype for Business will help you work like you are all in one room, even when you are in different corners of the world.

Communicate your way

Because Skype for Business is now built into Microsoft Office apps, you can collaborate with your team right from My Documents, or from an email in Outlook. Your colleagues and clients are always within reach, whether they’re in the office or on the go.

Instant Messaging (IM), voice calls, video, and desktop sharing are all built into Skype for Business. So, if a quick chat turns into a working team meeting, you can move forward without losing a step. A simple ‘click to experience’ brings new attendees into the meeting instantly, and allows others to easily exit the meeting when they are no longer needed.

In Skype for Business, you can see right away who is available via a colour-coded status icon. And, with a single click, you can send an IM or start a phone or video call. If a required attendee is on the move, you can still connect them, because Skype for Business works across mobile devices.

Skype for Business - Microsoft - Unity Technology Solutions Anyone attending the virtual meeting can also share their desktop, PowerPoint presentations, or even logo designs with the audience.

Finding a contact straight from Outlook

With Skype for Business, you can connect with any of your contacts from within Outlook. When an email arrives in your Inbox, the sender’s presence is indicated right next to their profile picture. Assuming that person’s presence is marked as ‘available’, you can simply hover over their image and an option to IM, audio or video call that person can be chosen.

Your complete meeting solution

Skype for Business is a complete meeting solution. Whether sharing notes, recording the meeting, presenting an app or desktop, or even conducting a video conference… you can do it all through Skype for Business, from any device.

Because Skype for Business is integrated across Office products, you can save time taking and sharing notes. One click in Outlook deposits all the meeting information in OneNote so the prep work is done, leaving you free to concentrate on the meeting itself.

When the meeting is over, your OneNote can be posted to a team site for easy access. You can even record the meeting so that it’s available for those who weren’t able to attend.

And with PowerPoint, Skype for Business gets even more versatile – with annotation tools and presenter notes. It even lets other attendees control their own view of the slides.

Meeting follow-up

Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, and OneNote work together to create a complete record of our team meetings. Skype for Business will automatically pull in the meeting title, the list of attendees, and the agenda. All you have to do is take notes!

Skype for Business will even copy in shared files from the meeting, such as the PowerPoint that was presented. And, finally, it will include a link to the recording. If anyone has a question about information shared at the meeting, all they have to do is refer to the OneNote.

Collaborate with ease

With Skype for Business via Office 365, you get a streamlined meeting and collaboration environment for interacting with your colleagues and clients. The better you communicate, the better your business will perform as a company.

Skype for Business works across desktop computers and mobile devices (mobile apps are available for Windows, iOS and Android). You don’t need to deal with schedules or book a meeting room. You don’t need to travel any distance to attend a meeting in another location. You can communicate with anyone as if you’re all in the same room – even when you aren’t – using very effective presentation tools to enhance the meeting experience of all attendees.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Unity has delivered award-winning Skype for Business projects to many organisations. We have the experience and capability to transform how your organisation communicates today – if you would like to know more, get in touch!