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Poly is announced as the new formation of Plantronics and Polycom who merged last year

Rebranding after acquisition or merger can often be a complicated process. Deciding on the final name and brand to move forward with is a critical decision which will impact the future development of any business. Many have speculated about what brand would take centre stage in this case.

It appears, however, that Plantronics Polycom have taken this opportunity to completely relaunch a seemingly new business, rather than taking one of the pre-existing brands forward. 

There is much more in the formation of Poly than just a new logo and branding. Poly will also have a raft of new focuses around different areas of innovation designed to drive the new company forward into its next stage of development.

Unity Technology Solutions believes there is a huge opportunity for Poly to become the ubiquitous brand within meeting and collaboration solutions.

The specific areas of focus that Poly have announced are detailed below.

Making workspaces intuitively work for everyone. The modern open office has introduced distraction and noise into the work place, leading to lower productivity and employee satisfaction. Poly offers solutions today to address audible distraction in open spaces as well as technologies that make huddle rooms as powerful as traditional board rooms

Helping people collaborate, their way. People are now using three or more collaboration solutions in a given day and need endpoints that work with and across those solutions. Poly offers a wide range of solutions to meet this growing need

Designing solutions that are mobile-first for the modern workforce. Whether it is using a personal smart phone as a “business phone” or navigating through a day where personal and business blend, workers need voice and video capabilities that move with them. Poly’s recently announced Elara 60 recognises this is the new normal and joins Poly’s award-winning mobile headsets to give people high quality tools to be productive from anywhere

Advancing cloud services that help IT pros and users get more out of their devices. As the macro trend of end user empowerment continues, IT pros are more challenged to know what is being used, and where. Poly is focused on making easy-to-use solutions also easy to manage

The original acquisition garnered widespread support throughout the industry from analysts and onlookers alike, with many believing the portfolios synergised well. It will be fascinating to see if the new entity in Poly will be greeted as warmly as it aims to be the solution of choice whenever and wherever people collaborate.