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Continuous innovations and advancements in technology year by year are changing the face of business. Developments in information and communication technology are giving the traditional office structure a whole new shape. In particular, Skype for Business, Microsoft’s completely cloud-based replacement for PBX systems, has successfully untethered day-to-day business from the work desk.

Now, every individual within an organisation can communicate in real-time with instant connectivity and documents can be shared and worked on harmoniously in a couple of clicks. With time being an ever-depleted resource in competitive business, Skype for Business brings every corner of the organization closer together for increased productivity, faster task processing and more informed decision making.

What are the benefits?

Instant, secure connectivity

Modern business does not only take place in the office. People work on the move, whether it is the people in your own workplace or the clients you connect with – everyone is on the go. Skype for Business is designed to reflect modern business practices by ensuring instant and secure connectivity across all devices, IOS or Android, no matter where you are in the world.

Video conferencing

When an organisation expands, business can begin to feel impersonal as different levels of the company spread apart and developments are made internationally. Skype for Business’s robust video conferencing capabilities can support multiple video feeds, all at the same time, meaning you can effortlessly keep communication face-to-face with colleagues as well as clients.

Keep the conversation going

Skype for Business allows for crisp, clear voice calls, but sometimes you just can’t take that call. Now you can keep the conversation going with the same level of professionalism, but without having to resort to a clunky email. Skype for Business offers instant messaging, allowing you to see who is available right now and giving you the option to leave a message for those who are not.

Increased productivity

Skype for Business is built to integrate with Microsoft’s productivity and collaboration applications automatically. Therefore, file sharing is made easy on Skype for Business, with no need for file conversions or time-consuming uploads. With everything unified across the Office 365 platform, users enjoy a truly seamless experience as they complete their tasks.

Multitasking friendly

With Skype for Business offering multiple ways to communicate, you can keep more than one conversation going at the same time. While on a phone call you can continue to send messages and share files via the instant messaging tool by opening multiple channels of communication. It is because of this high level of flexibility that Skype for Business can easily keep pace with you, even on your busiest day.


Skype for Business is an undeniably affordable option for businesses of all sizes. This cloud-based communication system not only eliminates unnecessary hardware costs but also provides scalability, meaning you pay for what you use. Offering a high-quality product with market-beating call rates to over 100 countries, outside the main package, and different plans for different requirements available, this is a favourite solution for many businesses across all kinds of industries.

Always up-to-date

Being a Microsoft product that is fully integrated with Office 365, you can be confident that Skype for Business is always up-to-date with the latest technological advancements as well as IT security. With progressions in technology moving at a faster than ever rate, having automatic updates to your core IT investments is a valuable competitive advantage. Now you can focus on your business and let your platform provider take care of the necessary updates.

User-friendly interface

When it comes to introducing Skype for Business to your organisation, have no fear – Skype is designed for everyone. Skype for Business truly brings your organization closer together, with a picture and job title included in everyone’s caller ID. Finding who you need to contact is easy and placing the call is even easier, with just a simple click or touch of the screen. Calls can be effortlessly transferred from PC to phone to tablet and a call history is continuously maintained so you can keep track of all your conversations.

“But what about my old PBX system?”

A significant benefit of Skype for Business is that it relieves the office of unnecessary PBX hardware and the associated maintenance costs. However, Microsoft has designed their cloud-based communication platform for easy integration with traditional PBX systems, if so required.

Connecting your existing PSTN service provider with Office 365 is simple, allowing calls coming through from your existing on-premises infrastructure to connect with Cloud PBX. Existing phone numbers can still be used, connections to legacy phone systems are maintained and calls, whether they are outbound or inbound, from legacy systems are 100% supported. Small, medium and large companies worldwide are upgrading their PBX systems with Skype for Business because it is that simple.

It’s all about futureproofing

Whether you move your traditional PBX telephone system completely to the cloud with Skype for Business, or choose a hybrid solution, this is a futureproofing investment for your business. Today most applications are built on the cloud because customers require increasingly customisable, cost-effective solutions. At Unity, we believe preparing your IT infrastructure for easy integration with such applications is the best way to embrace the exciting and ever-evolving future of the digital enterprise.

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