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As 2017 comes to an end it is easy to get wrapped up in the nostalgia of the year just passed, but at Unity we like to also dip a toe into the future and see what developments in technology can be expected. While we are just as excited for driverless cars and smart robots in our homes as everyone else, we are particularly happy to see that the cloud will continue to grow and dominate business enterprises worldwide in 2018.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our top 6 predicted trends for 2018!

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A significant milestone for the cloud

Forrester predicts that “In 2018, we’ll cross the significant 50% adoption milestone” with regards to cloud platforms being used in enterprise globally. This will only serve to further accelerate the adoption of cloud services, as the late majority of adopters finally give way to the most traditional organisation. SaaS and PaaS providers will consolidate their positions in 2018, with further expansion of their offering and increasingly simple integration solutions.

Cybersecurity evolves, but so do cyber attacks

2017 was an eye-opening year for cybersecurity. In 2018, cyber attacks will continue to evolve with the rise of machine learning. As organisations invest more in IT security and user training, individual’s smartphones will become an attractive target. Vulnerabilities in IoT will also become more apparent as its prevalence continues to grow in all aspects of our lives.

IoT leads product design

With consumers everywhere embracing smart technology, smart cities evolving before our eyes and cloud computing offering increasing geographical scale for IoT, it is easy to predict that in 2018, IoT capabilities will lead electronic product design and more aspects of our work and home life will become digitally connected.

AI becomes the norm in smart enterprise

Flying cars? Not yet, but driverless cars are definitely on the horizon. This is the year in which automation and machine learning become increasingly accessible in everyday circumstances, especially for smart enterprise. AI will cease to be the new kid on the block, with the smart automation of tasks becoming intrinsic to the fabric of competitive business.

Blockchain is adopted into new industries

Originally conceptualised to manage and validify the circulation of Bitcoin, there has been much discussion in 2017 about how this distributed ledger system could be valuable in other industries. In 2018, this value will materialise as blockchain is progressively adopted into other industries such as finance, insurance, cybersecurity, IoT, cloud, etc.

Subscriptions for everything

We have seen it steadily spreading from industry to industry, and now there is no doubt that the subscription business model is going to come out on top in 2018. With increasingly reliable internet connectivity available on demand and customers desiring more flexibility and customization, the subscription model is now a simple choice for many.

Unity’s top predictions for 2018: an infographic

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Unity’s top 6 predicted technology trends for 2018 - Unity Technology Solutions

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