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Workspace Environment Management (WEM) from Citrix and Unity dynamically assembles a virtual workspace based on the ideal combination of user profiles, personalization, application settings, system policies, and system resource consumption. It improves user experience by accelerating desktop logon and application response times for any Microsoft Windows-based environment.

How WEM can benefit to end user environment?

The result is an up to 80% improvement in user logon durations.

Resource optimization

WEM analyses end user behaviour in real time. It allocates the right level of resources (that is: CPU, RAM, and disk I/O). WEM intelligently allocates CPU & I/O usage in real-time; according to what the user is doing. For RAM, WEM determines what a processes’ actual memory requirements are and reduces its memory consumption accordingly.

The result is an up to 70% improvement in server scalability and the best possible responsiveness in user’s apps.

CPU Management

WEM provides great CPU management optimizations, which help avoid slow applications, such as when 100% CPU spikes scenarios are taking place at your XenApp or XenDesktop environments.

Memory Management

RAM Management helps you to reduce your memory usage, while analysing “idle” processes (eg. If CPU activity falls below 1% during a 30-min period, the RAM usage of the application will be decreased by 80 to 90%). This results in a lower memory consumption, which can eventually result in a higher user density.


Citrix Workspace Environment Management is not a replacement to Citrix Profile Management. Instead, it complements UPM to give users the fastest logon while conserving system resources during logon storms.

Instead of processing the Windows logon operations asynchronously, WEM moves these time-intensive operations to the background and displays the desktop interface quickly.

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